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The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

I stopped reciting the pledge in the 8th grade and still remember each class i got kicked out of for doing so. (it was four. over the course of 5 years)

I used to always get weirded out when they would make us say the pledge

All you have to do is look like your saying it, but you’re really just moving your lips. Or, you change the words while saying it but says it quietly so you wont get in trouble. That’s what i do to not get detention.

I never even bothered to to learn the pledge, and I have never recited it once in my life. I was born and raised right here on the West Coast, I have never even been outside the United States at 18 years old, and even as a toddler I knew that I didn’t want to make that commitment, or say those words.

does the government not realize how creepy and ‘hitler youth-esque’ it is to force kids to recite this pledge every day?
America is a fucking dystopian story for real we are all fucked

Wait? You guys actually do that? I thought it was just one of those weird things you see on TV and movies that is culturally incorrect wtf, I dont even know the second verse of my country’s national anthem cause we only ever sing the first





whenever i have those brutal searing being-dissolved-from-inside period cramps during school or work i pretend i am a viking warlord who has been stabbed in the abdomen but i killed the assailant so i’m the only one who knows im injured and i have to carry on normally til the end of the battle to keep up my mens morale

this is good

Gonna adopt this method of dealing


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Obvious, but: this is especially poignant because they weren’t on speaking terms at the time. I mean John prettied himself up and had been on his way back to Sherlock when he was abducted, but I don’t think Sherlock knew about that. The last words John said to him before this moment appear to have been “Fuck off.” And Sherlock accepted that.

You may not want me in your life anymore, John Watson, but there’s no way I’m going to let you die.

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